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Reinventing small parts management

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Customized assortments are build to a your specific design use for equipment or maintenance needs. Simply order the parts on line and request a dedicated tray make up. Your tray becomes a dedicated assortment of frequently used parts for a specific machine or application and location.

An inventory management shopping cart. Track job costs, count inventory value, order parts, mobile unit restock.

“reinventing small parts management”


REMOTE REFILL is a patent pending product of IMF Supply.


Storage tray and bin layouts match ecommerce grids. IMF offers a whole new way of doing business. Taking what is otherwise your worst nightmare and making it kindergarten homework. 

REMOTE REFILL is a do-it-yourself system designed to keep vitally needed items on hand when needed the most.

Make an easy conversion to the “REMOTE REFILL” system.

Labeled cores are sold empty and as starter kits. Pull out old core replace with new labeled core and transfer product, then, order missing parts. Stocked assortments are starter kits with common items and small quantities; add and tailor with an on line orders.

Grow into your system and tailor to your specific needs. Getting more bang for your buck and eliminate obsolescence.

Use our on line optimum level indicator as an industry average monthly usage or tag holes to meet your specific min/max level fine tuning your system for each and every item.